Ten West Walnut

Ten West Walnut is the largest real estate development in the history of Pasadena. In addition, the location of this project retains special historical relevance for the local residents and businesses within the city. As such, the owners and developers of 10WW have agreed to implement a local hire initiative. Under this program, priority consideration will be given to the following areas:

Local Workers
Local Businesses and Contractors
Local Sourcing of Materials and Supplies

The Construction Services Group, (CSG), has been retained to develop and administrate this program. We are currently accepting all applications through the project website, https://www.tenwestwalnut.com. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, and the resulting employment issues, CSG has created several innovative solutions to enhance visibility to job opportunities to those registered on the 10WW site, both for construction and administrative positions. For more information please visit https://www.tenwestwalnut.com.

10WW flyer