CSG is committed to providing as many economic development opportunities to the workers, contractors, and businesses in Pasadena that development and construction in Pasadena will and should provide. This also includes identifying ways to benefit and grow from training and apprenticeship positions that lead to full time positions.

CSG defines an economic development opportunity as access to sustainable wages with benefits and upwardly mobile prospects. We do not believe in being limited in scope as to how to uncover, identify, create these opportunities, especially in today’s ravaged economy, it needs to be by whatever means necessary. This means not being bogged down in bureaucratic verbiage or criteria that lets workers lose out on a chance to work, wherever that work is. The goal is to be working, this is what drives the opportunity to the next level with hopefully a pathway to a career.

To this end, CSG has a robust database for workers, contractors, and businesses. We invite you to register in whatever your category so that we may include you in all of the projects we will have access to. Please select whichever category applies to you and register your information. Thank you, we look forward to helping you grow and prosper.

Please note that at this time you must have an address in any of the following zip codes for us to include you in our local hire activities.

  • 91101
  • 91103
  • 91104
  • 91105
  • 91106
  • 91107

To register, click on your category:

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