Evermont Project

The Evermont project is located at the iconic site of Vermont and Manchester avenues where it has been abandoned and laid desolate since the civil uprising of 1992. Through the efforts of BRIDGE Housing, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), and Primestor Development, this area is being rebuilt and revitalized. Evermont is a mixed-use development that will benefit the seniors and families with affordable housing, and the entire community with retail stores, a transit plaza, and a Metro training facility.

As part of the benefit to the community, there is always money spent on direct project and related costs that are not always accounted for, nor reflected in the normal reporting. This is where PACT comes in. (Project Associated Cost Tracker) PACT is designed to catch all project related expenses so they may be included in the project procurement reporting, and to provide tangible evidence of money spent within the community as a direct result of the project being built. These costs include food, gas, materials, supplies, and any other expenses paid that relate to completing the project. Please use the form below to report all expenses paid for the Evermont project. If you have any questions, please contact