Central Terrace

Central Terrace is a new construction development in downtown Oxnard. The project will contain 86 one-bedroom units to be rented to households earning 30 – 60% of AMI. Central Terrace will help solve the city’s homelessness and meet state quotas for affordable housing.

As part of the benefit to the community, there is always money spent on direct project and related costs that are not always accounted for, nor reflected in the normal reporting. It is especially important to capture these expenses, especially when there are Section 3 requirements that are tied to project financing. This is where PACT comes in. (Project Associated Cost Tracker) PACT is designed to catch all project related expenses so they may be included in the project procurement reporting, and to provide tangible evidence of money spent within the community, and to targeted businesses as a direct result of the project being built. These costs include food, gas, materials, supplies, and any other expenses paid that relate to completing the project. Please use the form below to report all expenses paid for the Central Terrace project. If you have any questions, please contact